How to Watch Netball World Cup in Malawi

The Netball World Cup 2023 is so close to the beginning, and if you are still wondering where you can watch the tournament, then you are in the right place to know.

You can watch the tournament live on both SABC and Super Sports, including the opening and closing ceremonies. You can also watch the tournament on BBC and BBC iPlayer using VPNs.

Watch the Netball World Cup 2023 for Free

If you live in Malawi, then there is good news for you. You can enjoy the live action from the Netball World Cup live for free on SABC and SABC+. Though the channel won’t broadcast all the matches, it includes all the matches of South Africa and some other selected matches.

In addition, you can enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament for free. Besides, there will be some post-match programs as well. Are you worried about missing the final? You don’t need to be, as SABC will also broadcast the semi-final and final matches. You are not going to miss a lot with SABC.

Watch the Full Tournament on Super Sports

While SABC can be a good option for casual fans, hardcore fans of the sport of Netball might not want to miss any match of the biggest event of the game. So, for them, there is Super Sports to bring all the matches to your home in Malawi.

Super Sports is the official broadcaster of the tournament in Africa that will broadcast all 60 matches, including the opening and closing ceremonies. Additionally, Super Sports is also not going to charge any additional payment for the tournament.

You need to get a DSTV package or other service providers that include Super Sports. As DSTV has more entertainment to offer, you can check on their available packages from the table below:

DSTV Access Price Kshs 1050
Compact Plus Coverage Kshs 5100
Premium Package Kshs 8400
Compact package Kshs 2800
Family Package Kshs 1500

If you do not like the packages of the DSTV, there is an alternative too. You can install the Super Sports app on your Android or iOS. The app is completely free to download and comes with a lot of entertainment options. You do not have to miss any matches with the app on your phone.

Watch the Netball World Cup on Other Platforms

Super Sports or SABC are not the only options you have. If the broadcast quality or the service is not up to the mark in your area, you can go for other options like BBC, Kayo TV, and more. Well, there can be some geographical restrictions; you can access them using VPNs.

You have some very good VPN options, but the most popular ones are mentioned below:

VPN Provider Free Trial Number of Devices
CyberGhost Yes (1 day) 7 devices
NordVPN Yes (30 days) 6 devices
Express VPN Yes (30 days) 5 devices
Private Internet Access No Unlimited devices
Surfshark Yes (30 days) Unlimited devices


Can I watch the full Netball Tournament for free in Malawi?

While SABC offers some of the matches of the tournament for free, there are no available options to watch the full tournament for free in Malawi, as you need to purchase a DSTV package for watching Super Sports.

Is BBC iPlayer free in Malawi?

BBC iPlayer does not charge extra money in any country. You can watch it for free with your BBC license membership. It means BBC iPlayer does not cost you any money, unlike other streaming platforms.


The Netball tournament is almost about to begin, and you must make your decision regarding where to watch the tournament. You can either go for free and a few matches on SABC or the full tournament on Super Sports with the DSTV package. Or, if you like, you can watch the tournament on other channels, like BBC, using VPNs.

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