How to Watch Netball World Cup in Papua New Guinea

NetBallPass OTT, Sky Sports, SBS Sports, and EMTV will be the broadcaster of the Netball World Cup 2023 in Paupa New Guinea across various platforms.

Netball World Cup 2023 is starting on July 28, 2023. Every four years this tournament happens and this year the tournament will be more exciting than ever. As 16 of the top teams will participate in this tournament many fans are looking for a way to watch the tournament.

Here we will discuss how to watch Netball World Cup in Papua New Guinea.

Watch Netball World Cup in Papua New Guinea on TV Channels

EMTV has the official rights to broadcast the Netball World Cup 2023 in Papua Ne Guinea. They acquire the TV rights so you can easily watch all 60 matches of the Netball World Cup here.

So if you have a cable connection in your house and planning to enjoy the World Cup on TV then make sure to have EMTV.

EMTV is a commercial TV channel of Papua New Guinea which Telikom PNG owns through a subsidiary Media Niugini.  In Papua New Guinea, it is one of the most well-decorated TV channels. They cover TV shows, sports, local and international news as well. 

Netball World Cup on Live Streaming Platforms

There are plenty of networks around the world that will broadcast the Netball World Cup. So if you don’t have a cable connection in your house and looking for a streaming platform then here are a couple of platforms for you to enjoy the tournament.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports has the right to telecast the Netball World Cup across the world. As we all know the tournament will start on July 28, 2023, and end on August 06, 2023, so during the whole summer you can enjoy the games on Sky Sports.

Sky Sports is a well-known sports channel across the world. They got the rights after the deal was finalized between World Netball’s international broadcast agency, SPORTIVE, and Sky Sports.

According to the deal, during the tournament Sky Sports will live telecast every match on their YouTube Channel live. Highlights will also be available for the fans if anyone catches the live-action.

As it will be on YouTube Live so you won’t have to pay money to watch the games. You simply open YouTube on your device and search Sky Sports to watch it. 

SBS Sports

SBS is another top-tier sports channel that has been granted the rights to telecast the Netball World Cup. However, not all matches will be telecasted on SBS, according to their deal they will broadcast the Semifinal and Final matches of the tournament.

The semi-final match of the tournament will be broadcasted on SBS Viceland and it is scheduled for August 5. The Final of the Netball World Cup will be available to watch on SBS on Demand. The matches will be telecasted for free.

Follow these few steps to watch it on SBS:

  1. Download the SBS on Demand app on your device or visit the website through a Chrome browser.
  2. After entering you’ll need to log in/ Sign Up.
  3. Give all the required info in order to sign up for the first time.
  4. Now you’re good to go, enjoy the tournament.

Watch Netball World Cup in Papua New Guinea on OTT Platforms

World Netball has an OTT platform available. Many countries didn’t acquire the right to broadcast the tournament. So World Netball has announced that they will telecast the tournament live across the world in their NetballPass OTT.

In the platform individual game will cost US$6.46, and the final will cost US$12.92. You can also watch the games for free after 30 minutes after the match is over.

Follow these simple steps to get NetballPass:

  1. Open your browser and search NetballPass.
  2. Then click on the first link or you can simply visit and sign up. Provide the required information.
  3. Sign up for your desired packages as we mentioned below. You can watch individual matches or you can buy for the whole tournament.
  4. After selecting the package you can enjoy the Show.

Wrapping Up

As the Netball World Cup starting date approaches very fast there is no time to waste. If you don’t want to miss any live action follow our article on how to watch Netball World Cup in Papua New Guinea. Hopefully, this detailed article will help you enjoy the tournament from Papua New Guinea.

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