Al Bayt Stadium

Al-Bayt is a football stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. This retractable roof football stadium will host the coming 2022 FIFA World Cup. The stadium acquired sustainability certificates from GSAS in 2020. The certification rewards its green design, construction management, and energy efficiency.

Although the preparatory work began in 2014, official construction began the following year. The construction took three years to complete and was ready to be opened within 2019. But the association opened it after 2 more years, in 2021. The delay was due to the lack of an air conditioning test.

The stadium began its journey on November 30, 2021, with a match between Qatar and Bahrain. With a massive 60,000-seat accommodation, it is the second-largest stadium after Lusail Stadium. The entire upper level with 28,000 seats is temporary though. There are 1000 reserved seats for press representatives. The interior of the stadium is red dominant with some seats arranged in Sadu patterns. Covering an area of 200,000 sqm the entire stadium is surrounded by a park. The surrounding park’s size is comparable to an area of 30 football pitches.

The stadium’s shape is based on traditional Bedouin tents called Bayt al sha’ar. The tent-like structure contains four stands. Each stand’s exterior walls and peaked roofs are covered in PTFE woven fiberglass membrane. The body is also designed in a way that it will keep cool in summer while being warm in winter. The retractable roof is connected with a state-of-the-art ventilation system for optimal temperature maintenance surrounding spectators and players.

Al Bayt Stadium Informations:

Full Name Al Bayt Stadium
Location Al Khor, Qatar
Architect Al­bert Speer & Part­ner GmbH, Dar Al-Handasah
Capacity 60,000
Construction Began September 2015
Stadium Opened 30 November 2021
Structural Engineer Cremonesi Workshop
Contractors Salini Impregilo Group, Cimolai, Galfar Al Misnad


On account of its highly efficient construction process, GSAS awarded the stadium a Class-A rating. It also earned a certification of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio Compliance. GSAS additionally awarded the authority for the construction process and assessed it 5-star, because of the distinctive design.

2022 FIFA World Cup in the Al Bayt Stadium:

Date Time (AST) Match
21 November 19:00 Qatar vs. Ecuador
23 November 13:00 Morocco vs. Croatia
25 November 22:00 England vs. United States
27 November 22:00 Spain vs. Germany
29 November 18:00 Netherlands vs. Qatar
1 December 22:00 Costa Rica vs. Germany
4 December 22:00 Winner Gr.B vs. Runners-up Gr.A
10 December 22:00 Quarter-finals
14 December 22:00 Semi-finals

Following the completion of FIFA 2022 in Qatar, Al Bayt Stadium will also be renovated. It will be reduced to a 32,000-seat capacity stadium. Developing countries all over the world will be donated unused seats. Apart from that, the unused skybox portion will shelter a 5-star hotel. Along with that, a shopping center containing a gym, food court, shops, café, and health facilities will accommodate the empty space.

Qatar is giving priority to keeping its stadiums as open and green as possible to maintain its motto of being eco-friendly and sustainable. Every stadium elected for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is designed to follow its regulations in every way possible.

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