Netball World Cup 2023 Prize Money

We are down to the final day of the 2023 Netball World Cup. The England Roses take on 11-time World Champions Australia in their first-ever final on Sunday (local time) at Cape Town, South Africa. The New Zealand Silver Ferns face off against Jamaica in the other match of the day for the bronze medal.

You may wonder how much prize money the teams and players will earn. Here we are with the 2023 Netball World Cup Prize Money.

Netball World Cup Prize Money

Surprisingly, there is no prize money on offer for this year’s Netball World Cup. The teams and players are unlikely to be awarded any prize money.

The New Zealand Silver Ferns defeated Australia Diamonds four years ago in the 2019 Netball World Cup, in England. They received zero prize money from the organizers. The financial structure doesn’t appear to be changed. The event itself also relies on government and sponsor support.

In 2019, International Netball Federation chief executive Clare Briegal told RNZ’s Morning Report that any surplus money from the Netball World Cup is typically divided between the participant countries. host nations, and international bodies.

“That [split of money] seems fairer to us,” said Briegal. “Those smaller countries need the money, more than some of the bigger countries.”

The Silver Ferns received fund-raising money in 2019

When the New Zealand Football Ferns received no prize money after winning the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool, the public responded with immense scrutiny.

Due to the outcry of international and domestic netball fans, several sponsors came forward to raise funds. The sponsors pooled together an AU$300,000 prize money.

The 12-player squad of the Silver Ferns received AU$ 25,000 each.

“Elite players continue to work relentlessly for their love of the game without expectations of high remuneration, but this is a huge step forward and we are very grateful to our partners, who we could not do this without,” said Netball New Zealand chief executive Jennie Wyllie in response to the bonus money.

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