Brazil Team Analysis for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Brazil has been a top-performing team for many years, but they last won the World Cup in 2002. They’ve appeared in four more tournaments since then, but they still can’t need help finding another way to win the match.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Final was a great success for Brazilians, who made the country proud. Next year, in 2022, Brazil will be hosting a tournament in Qatar. The next date for the event is November 20. Brazil’s coach recently announced the 26-member squad on Monday (November 07, 2022). Let’s take a look at their squad analysis.

Roberto Firmino is a key member of Liverpool’s squad, but he was left out of the World Cup squad. While this Liverpool star has had an impressive season so far, Brazil head coach Tite did not consider him for his team. Apart from Firmino’s omission from the team, Brazil’s Team has no big surprise.

Brazil will make their World Cup title defense on November 24 when they take on Serbia. Brazil has been waiting for another World Cup for 20 years. With Brazil’s success in recent times, the time has come to defend their 5th title.

Brazil Team Analysis For The 2022 World Cup In Qatar


The Brazilian National football team has a star-studded roster! FIFA World Cup winner, UEFA Champions League star goalkeeper Alisson, and Manchester City’s Ederson will fight it out to be Brazil’s starting goalkeeper. Eduardo Wawratton is another goalie who could play a big part this season.


Veteran defender Dani Alves was a no-brainer going into the squad as Brazil’s oldest player. He turned 39 recently, which led to him being the record-setter for most caps ever in Brazil’s squad at 151. In the end, however, there needed to be more clarity about whether or not he’d make Team Tite. In the end, he made it and was given a lot of trust due to all his experience in football.


Brazil’s midfield has three of the top-class players in the world. Between Casemiro, Fred, and Fabinho, Brazil is more capable of controlling the midfield and launching attacks on their opponents. So there should be no doubt that Brazil will control the game.


The game strategy for Brazil revolves around Neymar in both the 2014 and 2018 World Cups. It’s the same thing in the 2018 World Cup, as Neymar is their biggest star.

Brazil is heading into this World Cup without dependence on Neymar. With a team including stars like Vinicius, Rodrigo, and Richarlison, Brazil can win this time without relying solely on one player.

Key Players

Like the final World Cup team, some players have different roles. All of our employees are important in their way.

Neymar, Forward

PSG’s start has been in the news for one controversy or another, but he’s currently on a six-game streak with four goals and two assists. However, with just three more goals in the World Cup, Neymar could surpass Pele’s international goal total (77) if he were to accomplish this feat. Currently, Neymar boasts 75 goals in his basket.

In recent days, Neymar has been on an exceptional tear in international play. In the last nine games, he has scored seven goals and crossed the 10-goal mark PGS in the 2022-23 season. Winning a World Cup trophy will make him one of the top legends of all time.

Vinícius Júnior, winger

Real Madrid’s Vini forward had a breakout year at 22 during the 2021-22 season. He led the club to a La Liga title with 17 goals and ten assists while scoring the winning goal in the Champions League Final against Liverpool. However, this only resulted in one goal for Brazil’s national team.

So, he’ll need to improve his goal score for the national team if he wants to become one of the best wingers in Brazil. And Qatar is a good chance to make that happen.

Thiago Silva, Center Back

Thiago Silva has played an integral role in pushing the Brazilian central defense to new heights. His commitment to the sport and ability to lead are more intrinsic factors in his success than his years on the field. In his career, he’s continued to grow and improve as a player.

Thiago Silva, a goalkeeper for Brazil’s national team, is 38 years old. In a sport where athletes often retire early, he is still playing and still very famous. He won the FA Cup with Chelsea this season and will play one last World Cup for his country at the end of this month.

FIFA, the governing body of international football, has announced that the team for the World Cup will be selected by November 14. Brazilian coach Tite is still deciding whether to announce his choice of squad.


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